chapter 7 bankruptcy




Chapter 7 bankruptcy can wipe out a large variety of debt and give you a fresh start in just a few short months.  It is the fastest, cheapest, and easiest type of bankruptcy.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy immediately stops your creditors from harassing you, and it assures that they will never be able to contact you again.  It stops garnishments and levies on bank accounts, and you can even get money back that has been garnished during the last 90 days.


The most common types of debt that people have discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy are the following:


  • Credit card
  • Personal loans
  • Medical bills
  • Car loans & repossessions
  • Business debt
  • Mortgage deficiencies from foreclosed properties
  • Cell phone bills
  • Bank account debt
  • Time share debt
  • Some types of income taxes
  • Some types of divorce settlements


If you think a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you, contact us today for a free consultation.   If none of these situations apply to you, then perhaps a different type of bankruptcy would be a better solution for you.  For more information, please visit our bankruptcy basics page.


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