If you’re behind in your mortgage payments and facing foreclosure a loan modification can help.  It can lower your monthly payment, cure your mortgage arrears, and even lower your principal balance.  The application process usual takes a few months, and can be difficult to complete, especially for homeowners who are busy with work and life.  


We at Kehoe & Beslow can help you apply for a loan modification.  We deal directly with your mortgage servicer and help you gather the documents you need for the application.  We will remind you of what is outstanding and make sure that you don’t miss any important deadlines.  We do all of this for a single, fixed reasonable fee.


A homeowner can apply for a loan modification without the help of an attorney, and hiring an attorney does not mean a greater chance of success.  The decision of whether to grant a loan modification lies completely with the mortgage servicer.  However, providing a complete, accurate, and timely application is integral to the process, and we at Kehoe & Beslow can get that done for you.


Contact us today for a free consultation.  We can get the process started right away and get your life back on track.