Finding yourself in debt can be a stressful time. Seeking relief to your problems should not be. At Kehoe & Beslow we work in an open, inviting environment where you will feel confident and secure. We treat you as an individual and with the respect you deserve. We are always available by phone or email, and if we say we™’ll get back to you, we™’ll get back to you. We care about every case, as if it were our only case.





We (Mr. Kehoe & Mr. Beslow) both come from a background of representing creditors in foreclosures and bankruptcies. We have represented some of the largest banks and mortgage holders in the country. We understand how they work and we know how they think. Most important, we know best how to protect you from them. It is this unique perspective that empowers us to help you find your way out of debt.






We at Kehoe & Beslow are a boutique Consumer Bankruptcy Law Firm. That means that bankruptcy is all we do. But unlike many firms, we don’t rush you into filing. We make an in-depth review of each case before we decide whether to file a bankruptcy. This ensures that it is the right course of action, and that there are no surprises once we do file. It also allows us to make strategic decisions about pre-bankruptcy planning and the timing of the bankruptcy, so that you get the greatest possible benefit from the bankruptcy.





At Kehoe & Beslow, we offer an efficient, streamlined bankruptcy experience. We run a highly-organized and paperless office. This ensures that your case will get the attention it deserves and won™’t slip through the cracks. Being free from the clutter you see at the offices of most New York bankruptcy lawyers allows us to focus on each case individually and to offer more creative solutions to you. Come and see us.  We’™re confident that you’™ll see the difference right away.


Contact us now for a free consultation and begin the journey to a debt-free life.